Kapten & Son X Laviesanne

Kapten & Son launches the Marais by Laviesanne

Kapten & Son, in collaboration with content creator Laviesanne, designed a pair of glasses called the "Marais by Laviesanne", which will be launched on August 5th. 

She is known for her witty humour, recognisable characters and love of fashion: the charming Dutch content creator Sanne! On her Instagram account "laviesanne" she gives her followers an authentic look into her private life on a daily basis and the fashion-conscious, fun-loving wife & mother shares many recognisable situations in a humorous way while living by her motto: "He who follows the herd, always walks through the shit". With her eyewear model "Marais by Laviesanne", Sanne proves that glasses can be stylish and timeless at the same time!

The inspiration of the Marais by Laviesanne according to Sanne: "I really love nude shades, in clothes, but also in accessories. I knew from the beginning that it had to be light-coloured glasses. But one that would suit many different skin types and hair colours. I thought it would be nice to have some sort of contrast in them. And I think I managed that, because it turned out to be a light-coloured frame with a few specks and a light print here and there. I think it's perfect!

The design of the Marais by Laviesanne stands out for its classic yet modern shape combined with a minimalist stylish colour palette in subtle creamy pink with elegant colour accents in beige. The high-quality acetate in a soft tortoise pattern gives these glasses their expressive look and makes them an absolute must-have for all eyewear lovers! By the way: the Marais by Laviesanne is available as prescription or computer glasses, as well as prescription glasses with integrated blue light filter from 5 August in the Kapten & Son online shop!